Great Big Giant….Approaching…Mango

MyPawsAreFree, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

And everyday the font grows larger. Today, there’s even some yellow. Highlighting the fact that I haven’t YAHOO’D yet. Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll get on it. At some point, I’m going to have to switch over. It’s really just a matter of when. (Still a Yahoo’d Flickr just seems so wrong to me.)

The cooking channel was on today and I checked out a few minutes of a few different shows. Some lady was making this chocolate spice mousse. Oh God, did it look good. Fluffy chocolate with homemade whipped cream and a tint of cayenne pepper. Yes, I said cayenne pepper. If you don’t believe me, try mixing chocolate with a bit of hot spices sometime and see how great it tastes. (It’s a choco-gasm, believe me.)

As I was engrossed in this virtual calorie-fest, one of my friends came along and started talking about Hawaii. “You’re going to love it there,” she said, “the food. The drinks. They have these passion fruit drinks-almost like punch. And seafood covered in mango sauce.” All this and I just started jogging.

Well, on the bright side, I just had a glass of water and three jelly beans. Not much calories in that now, is there? And, as far as I know, the calories from the TV cannot (yet) jump onto my hips, right? (Please say, “yes.”)

Until next mango flavored jelly belly…


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