Crab Grapples, Anyone?

GrapplesNo2, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

What’s a Grapple, you say?

It’s a cross between a grape and an apple. Today, I have one sitting right beside me. It makes my whole office smell like grapes, which is kind of odd if you think about it, since you’d walk in, see what looks like an apple sitting there, and wonder what on earth in the room smells like grapes. But, no, you’d be wrong. It really is an apple that smells like grapes (well, it’s not an apple, but a “grapple” and so it stinks. Kinda tasty beast, actually, but the aroma is just a bit off.)

(I know it *looks* like a pink lady, and I know you know how much I *love* pink lady apples, but, no, it’s actually a grapple you see pictured here. There’s no pink lady tomfoolery switch-a-roo going on around here. I promise.)

Today’s been a hard day. I couldn’t go for my morning walk, because my head is all stuffed up on account of my allergies. Then, I couldn’t eat in the morning and almost lost it when somebody asked me if there was going to be food today. Next, I tried to eat some microwave pasta with fake meatballs for lunch (tofu, anyone?) but I ended up spilling some red tomato-like sauce all down the front of me. Just after I washed that off, for an encore, I tried to open up an iced tea but it exploded and now my hands are sticky.

I think it’s nature’s way of telling me that I really need to diet (or some such thing.) Yeah, yeah, I know, lay off the Haagen Dazs and switch to more of these. Pink ladies, Grapples, whatever. Any kind of fruit as long as it’s exotic and I can photograph it first. (The best thing about doing food photography is that you sometimes get to eat your models.)

If only I could smell them coming, right?

Until next exotic fruit…


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