Holy Mackerel It’s A Christmas Fish

Title pretty much says it all for this one. This is what happens when you mix 37th Street Austin with, well, anything else in the universe really. (Did you ever play “Go Fish!” as a kid? No? Well, you should now…it’s never too late to enjoy a mis-spent youth.)

Speaking of mean, I caught the latest episode of my favorite cantankerous medical mystery show last night. House MD managed to claw past Law and Order re-runs and the odd, lone Nicolas Cage movie to make it to the top of the TiVo heap. Thank God, he’s that mean, otherwise, I’d have to watch another NY crime drama.

What’s all this about Wilson being a rat? I mean, don’t the good folks at Fox know that you’re not supposed to make “the cute one” turn out to be the bad guy? It’s not supposed to be the one with the puppy dog eyes, it’s supposed to be either the lead female (oh, you know, rhymes with “witch”) the big, black guy or, better yet, the mean evil cop that everybody hates already anyway. Leave poor Wilson out of it, will ya? That helpless sap needs to go back to banging his patients and, like, spreading “holiday cheer” by reminding them all they have cancer.

Well, on the bright side maybe Robert Sean Leonard, when he’s not busy giving us his intimate portrayal of the finkerly Wilson, will get to go fishing this holiday season. I’m sure he’ll get more than his fair share of cheese balls for Christmas, what with all the rat-ing going down on the show now. Munch on that all you House fans-he asked for a sweater and ended up wagging a long, skinny tail while nibbling that cheddar.

Until next time…

PS I thought the “good” doctor offed the rat with the cane last season? Damn, I have to get out more…


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