Nope, No Mystery Here

BarbiePlaysWithAliens, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

“…Move along…nothing to see here…just keep walking…”

I’m happy to report that the “Keep Austin Weird”-ness, typically on parade on 37th and a half Street is, well, almost in full swing.

We went yesterday. The lights weren’t as “fantastic” as they have been in years past. Still, even “pretty crappy” for 37th and a half Street yields some interesting results, such as my flaxen haired friend and her little green buddy. The standards on 37th and a half Street, you see, are quite high. (One year, they had Martha Stewart on the front lawn in Christmas lights and prison garb doing arts and crafts projects, at their own little lit up “Christmas camp cupcake.”)

37th Street in Austin is quite a site, even on a “down” year. The folks were nice, the weather warm, and the prison garb, happily, was kept to a minimum. What more could you want from a holiday light display? (Hint: Look for a giant spinning screaming neon dreidel in posts to come.)

Have yourself a merry little something-or-other.

Until next time…


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