Boo! It’s almost Halloween

SideOfHouseNo3, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

In the “now I have proof my neighbors are crazy” department, this was taken around the way from where I live. Yes, that’s really the side of a house and, yes, that’s really a gigantic spider crawling up onto it. If you look really carefully, you can see that there are lights up there too-this guy is illuminated at night. If I have the time, I may stop and take some snaps of him (or her!) after dark. (Actually, I love this yard. I think it’s very creative how they’ve done their decor this year. I wish more folks would decorate like this.)

KathyV and I found the motherload of “Halloween decor” yesterday. We went to central Austin, stopped at La Dolce Vita, had some gelato, then cobbled our way around Hyde Park. We happened upon a house I had shot last year-it had extreme decor back then too-and started taking pictures. A neighbor came out and told us, “she’s really outdone herself this year!” You can say that again. Look for more Halloween shots during the week, including an introduction to “Mr. Pumpkin Man!” that’s sure to make you laugh (or, um, scream, as the case may be.)

I still have not setup the new TiVo, so I probably should be off doing that. I should let you know I’ve decided to try to update you with status and possible humor during NaNoWriMo, hopefully, it won’t be too infrequent for your liking. I may even start another blog (oh, the horror!) just for the novella. We’ll see if I have time. I do want to get rolling before I do anything and I am behind on posting to this site, so I may very well just type up some older posts-ones that have never made it out of the “graveyard” of my notebook yet. We’ll see.

Well, happy Sunday morning to you. I hope you have enough candy for the kids because, well, time’s running out on you.

Until next giant creepy crawler in the ‘hood…


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