SunglassStoreKodak, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

The entry guidelines for this week suggest the following:

Windows, Mirror, Eyes, Printed Matter, Glasses, Sunglasses, Monocle, Camera, Microscope, Telescope.

Let’s see how I did…

Windows-check, mirror-check, eyes-check, printed matter-nope, glasses-big check, sunglasses-big check, monocole-nope, camera-well, I got a film sign, microscope-sorry, didn’t have one handy, telescope-like I could fit one of those into my suitcase. Ha!

5 and a half out of 10 is still doing better than half, right?

I’m still really fascinated by the opposite of sight as a topic for photography but this will have to do for this week’s vision theme.

This was taken in November in Venice where, I guess, the eyes had it.

Until next spectacle…



  1. Clarity25
    March 16, 2006 / 6:29 pm

    You’ve got an eye for fashion, that is a really snazzy shot:)

  2. Carol
    March 19, 2006 / 10:22 pm

    LOL. You wouldn’t say that if you saw my wardrobe. :~)

    Thanks for the kind words though.


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