Living with TiVo Can Be Murder

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So, lately I’ve been addicted to all things American Idol. I’m following the competition very closely this year, perhaps because it started while I was on vacation and I had gobs of time to just check out the preliminaries, perhaps because I’m just fascinated by the musical selections and the talent this time around. For whatever reason, however I’ve gotten to this point, I now find myself totally addicted. I watch every outfit (those gaucho pants! What blogger fodder there!) I listen intently to every “pitchy” note. Heck, I even checkout the official (and not so official-check out Television without Pity if you want some dish) websites.

So, it should be no surprise that, last night, I came home just after seven, saw the happy little red TiVo light glowing in my otherwise darkened home, and merrily assumed that my now sort of working (unless you count the various
Nicolas Cage incidents I’ve since learned to forgive-well, forgive but wash my hands about,) TiVo was, in fact, recording the latest in chart topping wannabe contestants. Sure, it had to be recording American Idol for me, right? I mean, what else could possibly be on at 8 pm?

*Sigh* I should know better than to trust that thing. I should know by now that it’s been plotting it’s perfect little murder for months now and, in fact, just occasionally listens to me, just long enough to throw me off it’s happy, little, red light, killing trail. It’s learned how to take the heat off and lay low like some Usama Bin TiVo, hiding in the mountains of my living room long enough to get me off it’s scent. (Frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t already killed somebody and fingered the ‘fridge for it. But, this just makes me suspect it’s all that much more sinister.)

No, my friends, I missed American Idol last night because there was a re-run episode of Law and Order on and TiVo thinks I just can’t get enough murder and mayhem in my life.

Now, I know I shouldn’t really complain about this. I know I should just shut up and put up already, especially considering I bought the damned TiVo only so I could record Law and Order and, heck, after months of Nicolas Cage movies featuring improper hygiene, it finally worked, right?

Yes, my friends, I *should* be happy about this. But, instead, I’m crushed.

Last night, I didn’t get to see who got voted off and I missed my favorite of favorites, that “helpful hardware man” himself, Ace.

Damn. Somebody please pass me the remote.

Until next TiVo…


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