Road Trip

UnderTheOverPassNo3, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This one is a bit more “out there” than the other “Drive By” images, but I like it, because it has a certain motion about it. Everything’s just a bit more jagged and it kind of fits with the feeling I’m trying to convey a bit better. I like the lights in the blue sky, looking a bit like psychotic birds of some kind. Magical “squiggles” in the night really.

Speaking of motion, things moving, and driving, this weekend I attended the bi-annual celebration of photography in Houston, TX known as FotoFest. FotoFest is held in galleries, hotels, bank lobbies, museums, and various other venues all around the city. I traveled to Houston, TX by car yesterday to attend the event

Sorry, I didn’t drag along the camera, so there will be no “Drive By” images from this trip. I will, however, have a lot to say about it over the course of the next few days.

It’s even hard to put into words highlights from the trip, although “Suzy” might be able to articulate it much better than I can when she says, “slight left…turn now.” Yeah, you got that right, lady, “slight left…turn now…” turn towards insanity and immersion without stopping for “middle ground” (which is really what you see here, in this “Drive By” image, don’t you think?)

Hmmm. Who’s Suzy you might ask?

Ah, my friends, that would be telling.

Until next automation…


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