CityLights, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Are these city lights?

Nope, actually electronic LED’s taken in a computer server room.

What kind of data is traveling through those machines?

I don’t know. I do know that, everytime one of the little blue lights (seen to the left) blinks, some data is traveling somewhere. Maybe it’s an email to your wife to tell her you still love her but won’t make it home for dinner on time, maybe it’s that memo your boss requested, maybe it’s google search or photofriday shoveling more bits this way and that. Whatever it is, where ever it’s going, those 1’s and 0’s hurl through space and make the lights blink blue just for one second. Just a split second for the light to blink, the machine to churn, the data to fly, and then, if you’re lucky, it all happens again from the beginning. The emails go, the memos are left unread, the google page pops up, the images appear.

Technology, like photography, works at the speed of light.

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