DriveByAndUnknownExit, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

So, I’m driving downtown today. There are tons of cars on the road but the traffic’s really moving. It’s just booking along, clocking at a nice even pace, as I make all the lights all the way up 360, my mind starts to drift. The traffic has a tempo all it’s own and it lulls over me. I drift away, thinking about rolling hills, as music pulsates from my stereo speakers. The red tail lights in front of me and the endless stream of white lights from the approaching cars blur into one single beam of consciousness, until I’m totally lost in it all. I’m sitting there, facing that dash, but I’ve actually completely checked out. I’m in the zone.

Have you ever driven downtown, late at night? Noticed how the buildings all sort of whirl together into one single blend of blur that just swirls by your head as you move? Notice how you don’t seem to care where your exit is anymore?

Sometimes, you just feel like getting in the car and driving-driving for miles, maybe down a long country road or along a busy interstate that’s moving. Maybe it’s the 4-0-5 or I-10 or maybe it’s county road number 22. Whatever it is, wherever you are, it washes over you. You find yourself miles away as you just take in all the motion, all the moving parts and pieces blend into one. You get overwhelmed with a sense of wonder and magic about it all. The world may not be a better place but, at least you have an escape hatch, right?

It’s been really nice and sunny in Austin and, with spring break, traffic’s been at record lows. Everybody, it seems, has left town for the coast or points afar.

It’s a combination that makes for really nice driving.

Until next stick shift…


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