Unknown Destination

UnderTheOverPassNo2, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Well, not really. I do believe this is somewhere near the 35th Street overpass and I was going home. (It’s definitely I-35 for you. It’s got I-35 written all over it’s face, that’s for certain. I-35’s all about that upper deck.)

Ah, north Austin. Land of the forgotten highway overpass. Can’t you just smell them from here?

This was taken in Austin, TX. I was following a red jeep and a pickup truck. (Yes, we really do drive pickup trucks in Texas. Don’t believe me? Check out the blur to the right and you’ll see.)

This is my entry for the “Unknown Destination” monthly challenge. It is one from a “mini-series” I’m currently calling “Drive By” which is my tribute to traffic snarls and highway overpasses, even those outside of North Austin. It’s a little like Uta Barth gone mobile.

Big question for you…what would you get if you mated a highway overpass with a pickup truck?

Until next overpass…


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