Master Puppeteers

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In the “folks who are so good, you’d hardly notice the puppet strings” department, today I begin my most humble selection of photographers I call favorite.

Let’s start with the “runners up” if you will. (These are the folks whose work I absolute love but who didn’t quite make the “top 10” for whatever reason.)

Let’s see, there’s:

  • Uta Barth-Her work is best summed up with the phrase “woman’s got abstract.” Love the degenerative nature of her photography. (Just when you think that your stuff is a little out there, in terms of the abstract, check out her work, it’s enough to snap you right back into the realm of the “real,” that’s for sure.) Often copied, she’s an original and never quite really duplicated.
  • Loretta Lux-I love her series of children’s portraits, which masterfully blend painting and photography into something that looks a tad like science fiction. It’s amusing, disturbing, and engaging all at the same time.
  • Todd Hido-I’m new to his work but I enjoy his “Suburban Hell at Night” series. Makes me want to stay nocturnal.
  • Candida HoferArchitecture of Absence is a favorite book. I love the theme, I have work along those lines, and I’ve copied it unknowingly for years. (Very strong architectural work.)
  • Edward S. Curtis-Perhaps the greatest of the “old west” photographers-he was the original shadow catcher. You might not know his name but you probably recognize his (early) portraits of native Americans which, despite advances in technology, have withstood the test of time as intimate portraits from a forgotten time.
  • Stephen ShoreUncommon Places is perhaps the most influential book of images on my shelf. Anybody who can take a fast food wrapper and turn it into “high art,” while landing himself in MOMA at the tender age of 23 in the process, deserves his spot in the company of greats.
  • Raghubir Singh-An Asian master-I was first introduced to his work by the good folks in the office at Aperture. Photographically, we are cut from the same cloth, as my work bears a strong resemblance to his, but he pulls in much more “camera foo,” earning himself a spot with the greats.

The next postings will bring you the best of the best.

Until next time…


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