Movie Reflections

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Ok, time for some more movies…

8. Saturday Night Fever-Travolta and his chest hair at it’s finest. This movie holds a special significance for me because it was the first “R” rated movie my parents would let me see. They were afraid of the “f” word back in those days, but let me see it because they heard that the dancing was so good it would probably make me forget the obscene “Tony” vernacular. Now that I’m an adult, I can honestly say, “Phuck, that was some really good dancing and I’m phucking happy I learned a new phucking word when I was only 12.”

7. And the sorta “sequel” to that-Grease-yes, it’s true. Been there, seen that. I was too young to understand the “he got it whacked in the car door” scene at the time but did see the entire movie, start to finish. Now I know that it was some kind of a tail spin head whack (well, ok, maybe “little” head whack, if you must be particular about it.) After seeing this movie, I knew that I didn’t want to grow up to be Sandy and I didn’t want to turn all Rizzo on you either. Life’s hard when you are eternally trapped between slut and goodie two shoes, but it’s ok because we can all just dance under the bleachers at sunset to make our own little happy endings, right?

6. Buckaroo Banzai-I saw it enough to know that this movie is actually called “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th dimension.” (Don’t believe me? IMDB in your face.) This is a movie that should have been a book-filled with great quotations that, for those who know me, I’ve long since used on my telephone answering machine (“remember, wherever you’re calling from, that’s where you are”) How could you not like a surgeon/rock star/space explorer/planet saver who’s as hunkerly Buckerly as Banzai?

It’s getting hot in here. Must be my Buckerly quotient is overflowing, excuse me while I go empty it or something.

Until next time…


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