Not Your Mother’s Indian Pow Wow

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Something that you may not (or may) know about me is that I am, in fact, part American Indian. Only a little bit, on my Mother’s side but, in fact, it’s true. I’m part Mohawk (and, yes, in case you’re wondering, those are the folks with the “hairdos,” speaking of which, I also finally got my hair cut today. Woot! Woot! Don’t you just love it when all my blogger tangents come back together and meet up all over again? It’s like weird, converging parallel lines only with words. And, no, I didn’t get scalped, like my ancestors, just the usual “do” only a lot less shaggy, I hope.)

I took this at the Indian Pow Wow that I had attended a few weeks ago in Austin. Ahem, note that I just said, “IN AUSTIN,” as opposed to the French Quarter, the Garden District, or points in New Orleans. In case you are wondering the significance of this-I am finally finished posting the first of my New Orleans trip images up on my website.

In hindsight, it seems really hard to believe that I took all the pictures you have been perusing for the past few months over a five day trip but, that’s how it is. (I shoot fast and ask questions later, I suppose.) Yes, it’s true, I was in New Orleans for five days and have the pictures to prove it.

Speaking of things you’d never suspect, here are, by request, a few things you might (or might not) know about me:

  • I am left handed. I write with my left hand. I use my right eye to focus and read (am told, by Doctor’s in the know, that you actually have a preferred “eye” despite the fact that you don’t always know which one it is.) I kick with whatever foot gets to the ball in time (no really, I do.)
  • I occasionally listen to disco music and have a fondness for all things camp in small parcels. When I was younger, I attended the very first (now annual) “disco ball” in my PJs. It’s true. I had flannel ones with little duckies on them and I “rocked down” to the sounds of the Village People and Donna Summer. (“Y-M-C-A” anyone?)
  • I have seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show several times. My favorite part is when we all get to throw bread (“Toast!”)
  • Despite being detained by New York and Boston’s finest, the Travis County Sheriff’s Department, the Cedar Park Police (keystone cops, anyone?) and customs officials across several continents carrying large caliber automatic weapons, I have never been arrested, convicted, or tried for a serious crime. I did get a speeding ticket and a parking ticket once (not at the same time, mind you) but I would not, in fact, call those serious. (My TiVo, it would appear, has other plans for me.)
  • I did get shot at one time, although not by the police. I was shot at while visiting the Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico. Don’t ask my why, I can’t really give you a good reason and I didn’t really want to sick around to find one. No, it wasn’t because I was taking pictures, I had the camera ducked away by request but, for some unknown reason, I was shot off the reservation. (Bang! Bang!)
  • I have visited about 25 States in the US, not all 50 by a long shot (excuse the pun.) Most notably missing from my itineraries are the Pacific Northwest (I’ve never been there.)
  • My favorite color is, in fact, black. This doesn’t make me depressed or demented, I just like it above the rest. I know that some of my artist friends will say, “but black is not really a color.” Ok, fine, if I can’t have black, I’ll take brown. Really, really, dark brown. Happy now?
  • I am not afraid of frogs, horses, alligators, or snakes (with the exception of vipers. I don’t really want to get bitten.) I really HATE bugs of almost all kinds though. And spitting cobras. I’m really afraid of those, thank goodness they are not native to Texas.
  • My iPod now contains over 1000 songs. It’s a strange mix of music that probably nobody else in western civilization or the free world as we know it would like. A “random” shuffle gives you: Robbie Robertson, The Sundays, The Thorns, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Crow, music from Rent, David Koz, and Heather Nova.
  • Favorite flavor of ice cream: mint chocolate chip. Favorite food: pasta. Favorite drink: margaritas and toasted almonds (but not together.)
  • I’ve never smoked a cigarette (of any kind) in my entire life. Never felt the urge to, never saw the reason to, so just never did. (Never tried it, probably never will.)
  • I have a strong preference for “fru fru” coffee, but don’t drink it all the time. I like it with mocha, mint, or hazelnut and, of course, whipped cream on top.
  • One of the “unexpected” keywords (if you search in google) that will take you to this website, which is my online “journal” if you will: Britney’s Boobs
  • I am a horrible dancer. Really. I’d say “two left feet” except that I’m left handed and, even given that, it doesn’t appear to help very much. I can, however, do a somewhat passable marcarana (although, who would really want to?)
  • Favorite form of transportation: the tricycle. It’s also the least efficient.

Pow wow wow, now you know.

Until next time…


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