Tripping at the Fandango

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This weekend was an interesting weekend. For starters, instead of getting hurricane force winds, rain, Texas twisters, and the like, it was 107 in the shade, very hot and dry. The sun was brutal.

Next up, I scanned in some of my Polaroids and found out that I had set my scanner to “color correct,” which is not what I wanted it to do. Now that I’ve got that little box unchecked, things are working a whole lot better. Phew. I was starting to wonder how I got on such an acid trip without any acid, now I know (watch out for those “color correction” check boxes, man, they are rough.)

Next up, I tried to do some new Polaroids, to finish off my series, and I didn’t have any luck at all. I got a bad role of film, but managed to pull off one good shot (which I will scan in sometime after Thursday) and I got one good shot on Saturday morning but, yesterday anyway, was a wash. I didn’t get anything that I liked at all, and ended up just stopping, since I wasn’t happy with any of the results. Sometimes, this happens. Sometimes, it’s better to just put the camera away, walk away, and take up knitting or something to pass the time until the great Gods of Polaroid decide to bestow you with their instamatic gifts of bounty. Whatever. It kind of sucked that I didn’t get any good Polaroids but I chalked it up to experience and moved on with my life.

This Thursday is my opening reception and now everybody’s abuzz with what to bring, what to wear, what time to go, who’s going, who’s playing, and the like.

Today, I found out that they are charging admission to this shindig. Yes, it’s true, for only $5 you can see one of my Polaroids this Thursday night. Oh and you’d get to listen to Troy Campbell while doing it.

Hey, I’m going to be there. What more do you want?

Polaroids: they are like instant gratification, only more expensive and painful.

Until next time…


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