Rita-less Weekend

Just a quick note to say that family, friends, and all have survived hurricane Rita. In fact, it did not pass anywhere NEAR us and now I’m quite bummed that I shall have to put back on my automatic sprinkler. It’s been 104 today and quite hot. We could have used some of that rain. Ok, maybe not ALL that Rita had with it, but, damn, could you spare just a *little* water, New Orleans? We should could use some in these parts.

It really is too hot for words and we didn’t even really feel as much as a breeze from the dreaded Rita hurricane. I don’t really want to wish for “maybe next hurricane” because, well, then we’d probably get blown away. All I’m going to say is that we’re happy, healthy, and glad that Rita took a left, missed some of the more populated areas of Texas, and feel for the folks off to the East, who thought that they were out of harm’s way. If only Rita knew how to steer, right?

We still cannot go shopping, for most stores are either packed or virtually out of supplies. The national guard is bringing in trucks of gasoline and the mass exodus back to the coast has already begun.

I was watching Geraldo on the news today and he was talking about how they should have exacuated the “hilly areas” outside of Houston last. He clearly demonstrated how little he knows about hurricanes and, for that matter, about the Texas coast. There are no hilly areas near the coast. The Texas coast is, in fact, flatter than a pancake after being run over by a freight train. Not to mention the fact that this storm was really big (across) and, because of that, we couldn’t predict where exactly, she would hit. Methinks it’s better, under these circumstances, to evacuate lots of folks and have to put up with a traffic jam, rather that have to worry about the body count.

But, then, what do I know? I’m not smart enough to be a reporter, right?

Until next time…
(pictures will resume tomorrow, for those curious.)


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