Bus Stop on Dumaine

BusStoponDumaine, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Happy Friday!

This one was taken at night in New Orleans. It’s actually what I call a “hidden” photo.

Sometimes, when you have a lot of work, you start to pick out the ones that you think are the “keepers” from the bunch. Sometimes, you go through and you grab all the obvious choices from a set. You grab the tourist-y shots, the “pretty” shots, the ones where you just know you nailed it, and you leave the rest.

But, lurking back in the deep, dark shadows are the “hidden” shots. The ones you didn’t see the first time you sorted your slides or visually scanned your File Browser. These are the “hidden keepers.” Sometimes, actually make that usually, you find gold in those “keepers.” There’s always work in there that’s better than the obvious “first cut” shots, but you just didn’t notice it at the time. In your haste to pan, select, and edit quickly, in your excitement about getting some images “out there,” in the thrill of finding the “pretty” you passed over the “good.” It’s kind of like how somebody can be hungry, reach for a bag of cheetos, and pass over a filet mignone in an effort to grab something “quick.”

This is one of those shots.

This is one of those shots I didn’t really look at the first time I passed through my images. Not the second time, not the third-I became so task oriented, I would go into that File Browser looking for this or that while, the whole time, hidden beneath my nose, were shots like this.

It makes you stop and wonder about what else is hidden “in plain sight” right in front of your face, that maybe you pass on by each and every day.

All that and I just love the night trails left behind but captured by the digital cameras. It’s like painting with light only standing still all the time.

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