Voodoo Store Window

VooDooStoreNo1P, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

I saw this one in a store window and couldn’t resist. It almost reminds me of Hatian art or some such thing. Some of the shop windows in New Orleans are very cool-I could see somebody doing an entire series (or even, maybe, a book) on the shop windows of New Orleans. I guess having a concentration of voodoo stores, T-shirt parlors, and, ahem, “fine” drinking establishments, makes for interesting store windows. Don’t you think?

I had a nothing weekend this weekend. I didn’t get around to doing anymore Polaroids, and I didn’t do much of anything, except mostly sleep. It felt kind of nice to get in a hard days sleep though. It makes for a less grumpy Carol come Monday morning, I suppose.

I so need to clean my house now, it’s not even funny. It’s dirtier than a pig pen and smells kind of funky. Maybe tonight.

Lately, I’ve been in this sort of “holding pattern” where I set out to do a lot of stuff over the weekend, don’t get all (or any) of it done, and end up doing it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night(s) of the following week. I suppose I should not complain, so long as I’m getting stuff finished. Still, it feels rather odd, almost as if my entire week is shifted left or something.

So, maybe I’ll do some Polaroids this week, after work. We’ll see.

Until next time…


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