Street walking Lady Statue with Tree

LadyStatuewTreeP, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

On Friday, the Geoscapes people came to cut my lawn. Usually, this is not much of a big deal, but not this time.

This time, you see, they left the gate open. I have a little dog who’s about 16, deaf, dumb, and blind. He managed to get out. He didn’t just “get out,” no, he actually got out and ran around for like 20 minutes before I noticed that he was gone. Poor Charlie. Lucky he did not get hit by a car or something.

I found him over by the, I swear I’m not making this up, cemetary in my subdivision. He was staking out a plot or something. (I’ve since learned that there are, in fact, opossum that hang out in there-that’s probably what he was smelling around for.) He was huffing along at a pretty good trot too, especially for an old guy. Go, Charlie, go!

I’m just glad that I got him back and that he’s ok. I would have felt horrible if something happened to him. Now, I’ll have to remember to keep that gate locked, and remember that, when they come to cut the grass anyway, they don’t seem to remember to close the gate.

Charlie has a new nickname. I now call him “my little streetwalker” (and with good reason too.)

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