Two Faces and a Cross

TwoFacesAndCrossP, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Ok, this one even scares me a little bit. What’s with the big circles around that guy’s eyes? I do like doing the Polaroids though, as they are quite expressive. I sort of feel like I’m painting when I do them because it matters which way you move the little stick. It’s directional-sort of like an actual paintbrush.

Charlie has not done any additional street walking as of late, which is a good thing. Well, not any that has him off his leash anyway. He was so funny, just trotting along huffing and woofing away, his little ears flying in the breeze.

Speaking of scary things, walking the street, and all, I happened across this website which, I guess, is a death row dining guide. At this site, you can buy (I swear I’m not making this up) a thong that says “Looking for a killer meal?”

Wow. What more can I say about that one? Between the weird image on flickr of a giant cat made out of flowers, and the death row eating guide, I’m starting to think that the net is not a very safe place anymore.

Maybe I’ll stay indoors and look at some masks hanging on my walls instead.

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