Happy Friday

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I just tried a new frozen lunch. It was pretty cool actually. It had asparagus, pasta, and chicken in it. Now, I’m quite full.

What, it’s Friday, were you expecting a diatribe regarding the social economic impact of ragweed on current monetary trends? Pppft.

Oh, and, it goes without saying, screw that, it’s almost the freaking weekend.

This weekend, I intend to get some sleep and maybe finish off more Polaroids. I love doing Polaroids. They have turned into a lot of fun, what with the summertime heat and all. I do have to work a little bit on printing them but making them has been quite pleasant. I have jerryrigged up my own little system to print them, rephotograph them, print them again, copy them, and the like. I feel like a stale fortune cookie: “Help, I’m trapped in a Polaroid factory and I can’t get out.”

Speaking of fortunes, cookies, and the like, Matt and I went the other day to Firebowl. Man, I love that place. We got the strangest of fortunes though. Mine was: “To forgive others one more time is to create one more blessing for yourself.” I really hope that my blessings are not tied in any way, directly or indirectly, to my ability to forgive.

Damn, I must be cursed. Good thing I got a cookie.

Until next time…


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