Fountain in the Sun

NewOrleansFountainNo1P, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Ok, so in finally stopped raining and, they say, it’s going to be like 99 degrees today. Like I said yesterday, I thought that the rain made for a nice change of pace and I really enjoyed it while it lasted (as did my yard, I’m sure.)

Kathy has posted some of her New Orleans images on flickr, I just logged in and was pleasantly surprised to find them in my “New From Your Contacts!” list. I had a grand time looking at a slideshow of the first of her images off the press (and onto the net.) I almost felt like I was back in the Big Easy for a few minutes there and it made an otherwise boring day a bit brighter (well, that and the 99 degree hot Texas sun, right?)

Flickr has this new, odd thing called “Interestingness” which they claim is some kind of their very own “special sauce” cooked up to rate and rank your image. I guess they use this to determine a factor about each of the images that you upload. I can’t quite figure it out, but I love the fact that they’ve gone off and made their own benchmark and all.

It’s making me want to go off and rank EVERYTHING in terms of it’s “interestingness.” Stopped on Friday to get gas-interestingness factor of 2. Met some weird guy cleaning his windshield-interestingness: 4. He had mud flaps with neekid women on them-interestingness: 7.

You get the idea.

Oh and, it probably goes without saying but, mud flaps after all the rain we’ve had? Not too interesting (without the neekid women) but probably not a bad idea.

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