Fountain by the Pool

NewOrleansFountainNo2, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Anybody have a spare arc? And maybe like a boat orr or two I can borrow for a bit?

It’s raining very heavily in Austin today-like sheets of water coming down out of the sky. Sheets of water that make my normally brown and dry lawn open up and say, “Ahhhhhhh.”

I don’t much mind the rain, usually. In August especially, it’s kind of a nice change. It’s not the usual hot, hot, hot that we have and, instead, it’s a cooler, wetter, newfangled August. It’s just a little hard to drive in it, that’s all.

Today is one of those “snuggle up” days. Since it’s raining, and I can hear thunder as I sit and type at work, I don’t really want to leave the building. I feel like I’m all tucked in for a nice winter’s nap. It’s very cozy at my desk today-I have a nice cup of coffee, a light jacket in case the a/c should happen to (crazily) kick in, and enough reading to keep me busy. I’ve brought my lunch, so I don’t have to leave the building at all. Armageddon could be outside and I’d hardly notice. Once I fire up the podling, I’ll be like uber comfortable, at least for a spell.

Hey, it beats the heat anyday.

Until next time…


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