Two Cherubs in a Fountain

TwoCherubFountainP, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Everybody always writes songs about the “sound of distant thunder” so I suspect it’s some kind of poetic notion, or some such thing. I do know that, this morning anyway, there was quite a lot of it around, and it was making me really sleepy. Did you ever have one of those days when you’re not quite awake yet, not quite asleep, but certain you don’t want to get up and face the world? Earlier today, I so wanted to just stay in bed all morning. Today, I got off to a very lazy start.

I’ve since had my coffee, it’s starting to kick in, and so I’m on my way back to being my usual self. Thank goodness for vitamin caffeine and all it can do for me. Yeah, yeah, I know, breakfast of champions and all. Yada yada. (Decaf can go screw itself for all I care.)

Yesterday, I also went through a big pile of junk mail. I get a lot of mail, most of which I throw away, but I usually only clear it out once a week or so. I’m thinking about getting a small-ish cabinet, to put near the door to the garage, into which I could just dump the mail, to kind of hide it up a bit. It would look better than what I have now (which is a small stool, piled high with crap, and I’ve started to putting the “overflow” on various tables, which is even uglier.) A cabinet would certainly hide a lot of that junk. (Man, if Bed, Bath, and Freaking Beyond sent me one more catalog, I think my little stool would have konked over under all that weight.)

Trouble is, it takes energy to go out shopping and, lately anyway, I’ve been extending all my spare energy on photo-related stuff, trying to get my digital darkroom into the final stages of completion, mastering all my workflows, and exhibiting my work again. That last one is the real doozy of the bunch, as I haven’t seem to been having a lot of luck with it.

Oh well, as they say. I’m happy (and experienced) enough to know that my time in the exhibition spotlight will come and, any rejections I pile up now, will only result in bigger, better shows on the horizon. I know how these things work, you see. (Once, I was in six shows at the same time, in several different states. Now I honestly don’t know how I had the energy, let alone the artwork, to do all that.)

I do wish I knew what this little cherub thing is. I think it’s some kind of a fountain, but, like, don’t really quote me on that. It could just be a sleepy little wall plaque.

Did I just say sleepy? Man, I have to stop doing that.

Until next yawn…


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