Sailboat in Storm

SailboatInStormP, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This weekend was very eventful photographically for me.

For one thing, I made my very first greeting card. It didn’t come out the greatest but then it took me only about 5 minutes. I thought, actually, that it looked ok. I plan to do some additional ones in the future, and had just bought the kit as a “trial” sort of a thing. I’ve decided that I like doing cards. It’s easy enough to do and they come out looking pretty enough.

For now, I’m leaving the inside blank and just writing by hand in there. At some point, I’ll have to come up with some clever sayings. (This, of course, will be the extra tricky part.)

My other big “first” was that I picked, prepped, printed, matted, and framed a photo all in one day. Yesterday, I was invited to a house warning dinner for a friend and former neighbor (they’ve moved across town to get a bigger house) and so I decided that I would take over a picture. I decided which one I wanted to give her, printed it, matted, and framed it all in one afternoon. Before going digital, this would not have been possible.

So, now I’m starting to enjoy the fruits of my digital darkroom investment. Saving $$$ on greeting cards and being able to make my very own wall art without having to throw myself at the mercy of a photo lab.

Sometimes I feel like it’s a rocky, bumpy road, and that I’ll never get anything done, or get to a state where all my devices are working but, lately anyway, the winds are starting to turn in my favor.

(Of course, right after I say that, I realize that I still have that dreaded hockey puck of a monitor calibrator to hook up. And we all know how Steve’s cursed it…)

It does feel really good and rewarding when something just starts “working.”

Until next time…


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