Duct Tape and a Prayer

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While I was home in bed, as I have been for the past three days (what with my stomache bug and all,) I happened upon a news story about the Shuttle Discovery. The nice man on the news, came on my TV all serious and stern, dressed in his nice blue uniform, talking about how they were going to schedule a space walk in an attempt to repair the shuttle with a makeshift hacksaw fashioned out of, among other things, duct tape.

(You can read more about this here.)

Yes, it’s true. We’ve been reduced to duct tapping the space shuttle back together so that it can land.

This just has my mind going like mad (not that it’s hard to do this mind you but, I’m just repeating this fact here for those who couldn’t, by chance, guess.)

Duct tape. Duct tape. What else do they have up in that shuttle? Is it like some kind of a flying Home Depot up there? Duct tape. Did they spring for the really good kind? Like is it military grade? Or just get the cheap stuff like the rest of us? Duct tape. Do they even have a military standard for things like duct tape? Duct tape. Maybe they really do have a duct on the space shuttle so that’s why they need duct tape? Duct tape. Does anybody really use duct tape for actual ducts? I thought we all just collectively used it to patch up whatever holes we couldn’t fill? Duct tape. Does this mean, for certain, it’s official, and that it, in fact, comes in light and dark and really does hold all of the universe together, since it’s now officially like up in space and all?

Duct tape. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

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