Behind the Mask

MaskedLadyP, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This is my favorite mask from New Orleans (a city known for its masks.)

I kept shooting and shooting this mask, without any luck at first, but I didn’t give up. The first day, I got a horrible glare, probably from the sun and the angle of the light, but I got an otherwise ok shot off. The second time I tried it, I got a window curtain that was almost in the way. I ended up getting something workable but not totally great.

The last day I was there, among some of the last shots I took, I *finally* got the damn mask, the way I wanted it. I was so happy, I decided that I would try to push my suerte and go for a Polaroid and that, my friends, is what you are looking at here.

She’s a pretty mask but, honestly, I don’t know that she was worth all that much trouble.

The thing about New Orleans is that it’s a self-indulgent city and I took a self-indulgent trip. It seems like I wanted to shoot a little mask, a little voodoo, a little French Quarter, and a little courtyard stuff, and that’s exactly what I shot.

It’s better than crack, if you can get it.

Until next time…


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