Darkness Goat

DarknessGoatP, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Ok, so it’s time for some half-man, half-beast entries in the ole’ blogger. What can I say about this one that is already painfully clear? It’s scary. It’s the kind of stuff nightmares are make of. It’s the kind of stuff your mother warned you about. It’s really scary. Oh, and, they had a really pretty little foil “Darkness Goat” banner hanging underneath it all (hence the name.)

To continue my rantings and ravings from last week, the TPS workshop information came in this week and I noticed that some of them are quite expensive. I guess they aren’t that expensive as compared to the Santa Fe photo workshops or some such thing. Still, $350 for a three day workshop sounds a bit high for me. They used to be all the information that you could use for like $35 but then, I suppose, I haven’t been to them in a while.

I do plan on taking one or two but, in true Carol fashion, all the one’s that I want to take are at the same time so now, instead of taking them ALL, I have to pick and choose, which makes it difficult to say the least. Not to mention the fact that they fill up pretty quickly, so I have to decide soon which ones I want to take.

I didn’t do any Polaroids this weekend, I was busy catching some sleep and cleaning up the house a bit. It still is rather dirty, but it’s getting better (which is better than getting worse, I suppose.)

Until nex time…


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