Mask With Blue

MaskWithBlue, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Today’s been a busy day and I’m kind of scatter brained. Don’t mind me if I post an image that I’ve already posted-it wasn’t my intention. In case you haven’t seen this one already, it’s a mask from the French Market in New Orleans. Gosh, I loved their masks and such, and it really was a great place to photograph.

Speaking of things photography (don’t I always?) I ordered and received a really cool book yesterday. It’s called Maggie Taylor’s Landscape of Dreams and it features, on the cover, an image of a bird riding a bicycle. The bird has moth wings, which are a very pretty shade of blue (in case you were wondering.)

Wow. What can I say? This is a really cool book in part because the images are cool and in part because there’s a lot of insight into her creative process. They actually take an image from inception (single image) through compositing, collage, and into the finished product.

It’s very cool, in a bird riding a bicycle sort of way.

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