Austin No 4

AustinNo4, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

It’s demon doggie! I like this one because he looks like the little devil that he is.

I ate two breakfast tacos today. Man, I’m full. I couldn’t even have lunch.

Just remember that today is Steve’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Steve! Another year older, another year as a homeowner, and another year shoveling dirt. But, just think about the backyard and rose bushes that you have. And now you’re old enough to stay at home and enjoy them.

So, I’m incredibly thirsty today and we are out of cranberry juice on my floor. Normally, I might not even notice but, lately anyway, I’ve wanted cranberry and there’s none there to be found.

It started on Friday when I was really drunk, our barkeep left early, and I set out to make my own Cranberry and Vodka because, well, when I’m drunk I can only mix 2 things together (even this, sometimes proves too great a challenge.) It didn’t work. I drunkerd-ly stumbled over to the ‘fridge only to find no cranberry juice. Lots of root beer but, as far as I know, this doesn’t mix well, unless you have ice cream. So, in my drunken stupor, I decided to get some Hi-C type of crap, since it kind of looked the same color as cranberry juice on the outside. (Lucky for me, it didn’t taste too bad when mixed with large quantities of vodka. Then again, what really does taste bad when mixed with large enough quantities of vodka, right?)

More recently, I came to find out that our vending machine stocking fellow has deliberately left cranberry off my floor. (Now I really, really want cranberry juice. I’m craving it like mad.)

Now, that’s really demonic, don’t you think?

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