Girl Sees Fish

GirlSeesFish, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Every day, pretty much at some point in the morning, I go into the break room to get coffee. Not much eventful there, other than maybe the fact that we have way cool coffee machines, as you probably already know (if you read this thing semi-regularly anyway, as I’ve yapped about them before. “We’re like Starbucks with executable code…” yada yada.)

So, today, I go into the break room, and there’s like 2 or 3 people hanging out in there. I stopped to chat a bit, being the, ahem, “social butterfly” that I kid myself into thinking that I am, and, as I turn to leave, my shirt sleeve apparently hit a vending machine button and drops a soda.

I don’t even really know if my shirt sleeve hit the button. I barely felt anything. It was almost like I dropped a soda just by *walking past* the machine. Wow? What can I say? I must just have a magnetic personality (well, maybe if you are a coke can anyway.) Usually, if I try to pick out a soda and drop one deliberately, it expolodes from the resulting shake and shimmy down the machine and into my hands, and I end up spraying half the break room with fuzzy water. Now, I guess, my t-shirt is getting some of that action.

So, the folks in the break room were all asking, “what’d you drop? What’d you drop?” For some reason, we were all curious as to what my shirt wanted to drink. Go figure.

This shot was taken at the aquarium and shows a little tyke learning about “her little world.” Lots of fishies and “wonderment” on the other side of the glass, isn’t there?

(By the way, my shirt sleeve appears to like Diet Dr. Pepper.)

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