Jelly Fish No 6

JellyFishNo6, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Welcome to my underworld “little world.” This is an abstract shot of some jellyfish. They look really cool but, boy, can they be difficult to catch. I felt a little like I was hunting snipe or chasing the elusive white horse (unicorn) through King Arthur’s Court.

Kathy was smart and recommended that we go to the aquarium early in the morning. That was good idea number 492 for you. There weren’t *quite* as many screaming kiddies as we lugged our tripods and camera gear past the ticket booth, hoping like Hell the nice lady wouldn’t say, “um, no photography allowed” after we’d already paid for our tickets. We slipped by, handed in our ticket stubs to the big, burly security guard, and managed to get into the swing of things before the masses of screaming tykes and hair pulling rug rats arrived. Lucky us.

And, speaking of luck, skill, voodoo, and the like, I got a call from Ted yesterday. Yes, that Ted. As you may recall, he’s now supporting himself by means of owning vending machine routes (where was he yesterday, when I was in that break room setting off diet Dr. Pepper with my shirt sleeve? huh?)

Well, anyway, here’s a link to his blog, Nickels and Dimes, for you. I hope that you enjoy it. It’s definately off to an exceptional start and promises to be funnier than Hell if he keeps up with it. (Do *you* know exactly what they say in *your* break room at work? Heh. I didn’t think so. You might just want to follow that link and find out.)

Remember, Ted, I want part of the movie rights or, at least, first dibs on directing the resulting flick, Ok? I’ll be nice and let you keep the book deal.

Yeah, sure, it could happen. Just like aliens could land on my front lawn to join me in a rousing game of cannasta or how jelly fish could suddenly lighten up and sit still. (Well, it *could* happen, couldn’t it?)

Don’t hold your breath and start saving those nickels and dimes for something important, ok?

Until next time…


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