Jelly Fish No 7

JellyFishNo7, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Aren’t these the funniest looking creatures?

I think so anyway. How odd. Like giant glowing pillows that drift under the sea. Invisible yet incandescent.

Kathy has made contact from the coast and has told me that she’s out visiting aquariums in Oregon. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to bring back. She’s been doing so many trips back to back, she’s going to need months of “Photoshop processing time” once she finally settles back in Austin.

I’m trying to get enough energy to get some additional Polaroids done this weekend. I’ve got some film that’s going bad and, this week anyway, I’d like to have the printouts ready before I actually get to the weekend and get them out on the porch to expose the Polaroids.

Brian’s been in a bad mood the past couple of days. We’re collectively trying to cheer him up but, lately anyway, he seems like a hopeless case. Only good thing to come of this is that, anybody who’s feeling any kind of down at all can just go talk to him and feel suddenly better. He seems to feel that he’s that bad off.

Ken has IMed me wanting to know about Ted’s telephone call and blog entry. I’m so glad Ted is blogging now, as it promises to be absolutely hysterical. I can only imagine exactly what people say in their breakrooms-where they think that they have privacy and the “vending dude” won’t tell.

Of all the things I’ve learned in my life, never tell Ted anything that’s in the realm of “don’t tell” for it’s sure to get around the grapevine, what with Ted behind the wheel and all. Plus he’ll just put his own little “spin” on it, to make it that much funnier.

And Ken will faithfully call me the next day wanting to know how it spread so quickly.

(It’s getting so crowded in here, I almost feel like I need another “who’s who” in the ‘Little World.)

Until next time…


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