Headless With Face

HeadlessWithFace, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

She has a face, but no head. I kind of like that.

Been listening to the podling a lot lately, despite the fact that my ears hurt from the little bud type headphones the good folks at Apple supply along with your shiny new silver poddy. I got some new headhpones but the cord wasn’t long enough. I really want some of these: Sennheiser
but I’ll probably not spring the big bucks for them. Besides, they’d be more than double the size of the poor little podling and like, I’d hate to try to out-class that gadget. (Size does matter, for those who track this sort of thing. At least it does when it comes to headphones, podlings, and the like.)

Speaking of things wanting and needing and all, I found a site devoted to tracking all your pannings and musings on the web-wishbox

Yes, it’s true, you and all your little friends can keep track of all the little mp3’s (or whatever else) that you really really think you want this millisecond. It might work long enough to fend your cravings off until Ricky Martin wiggles his hips yet again, invokes conniptions, and creates a great tidal wave that sends all the little girls to the stores screaming, in desparate need of those jeans, the headphones from the video, or whatever else they happen to fixate upon at the given moment all Hell broke loose.

You do remember Ricky, don’t you? Rumor has it he has a new album and video in the works, but he could just as easily be replaced by the next big scream-inducing hunk-a-zoid that happens along. But then, I guess, that’s the instant life of a pop tart. Take ten parts marketing, add some BS, do up the hair, wiggle the hips, and stir.

*Poof.* You just might make your very own rock star.

Isn’t it great to be needy and yet, somehow, crafted and oh so well organized all at the same time? (Kind of like the podling itself, only in a bad way.)

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