White Dress

WhiteDress, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Here’s another pretty hanging dress for you.

In this shot, the purse drives me crazy. I mean, it’s not a bad purse, it’s just that it’s dark and in the wrong place. Thanks to photoshop, I can make it blue. When in doubt, make something blue-it blends in better with the sky. (Now, there’s some good advice waiting for a listening ear to happen along if I’ve ever shoveled any.)

Speaking of all things “pretty,” this weekend I cleaned my shower. I have one of those stand up showers-you know the type-it sits next to the tub and basically looks like a “glass cage.” Well, it had gotten very dirty over time and it was on my todo list before my trip to New Orleans. Since I’ve been back, what, like months or more, you can imagine how dirty it was when I finally got around to cleaning it this weekend. Phew. We’re talking I moved some serious grim here.

It got so bad I was afraid to get into the shower and I kind of felt dirtier getting out then I did (usually) going in. Now, it’s all nice and white, it looks almost shiny and new.

Kind of like the dress, only much wider in the middle and sans the clashing purse (although, come to think of it, the tub could use a good cleaning as well.)

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