Crazy Women Drivers

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In case you haven’t heard the oh-so-great news, the space shuttle has left earth and is currently in orbit.

One thing that’s really cool about this particular shuttle is that, among the crew members, there are two women aboard. The commander of the shuttle is, in fact, a women from New York-you can read more about her here: Eileen Collins

I remember one of the shuttles that landed at night, and came in low over Austin, en route to Houston. The craziest thing about it, apart from the glowing red trail it left in the summer sky (which was, in fact, beautiful) was that we saw it go by around 9:50 at night, and then land in Houston 10 minutes later. After retiring inside to catch the evening news, we saw the landing on TV, broadcast live from Houston, TX a full ten minutes after we waved at the passing red trail.

Yes, you read that right. That “crazy woman driver” made it from Austin to Houston in *10 minutes* or so. That would normally be a two hour trip, more with traffic (by car, of course.)

Now, I’m not feminist but, somehow, I think you can safely log that one under the “yo go girl!” moniker without worry. Be-atche or not, you’d best get out of her way because, covering that much ground in 10 minutes, I’d have to say she’s hauling a booty bigger than Beyonce’s or JLo’s.

Yes, it’s true. Our “friend” Eileen really is a “fly girl” (and that’s Dr. Be-atche to you!)

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