turtle, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This little guy was attracted to the side of his underwater container (for some unknown reason) and so I managed to grab a snapshot of him.

I went to the Texas Photographic Society’s Push Pin and swap meet meeting last night. It was kind of fun. Somebody brought in an IPhoto book and this now has me very intrugued. I so want to make one of my very own. I’ve always had dreams about making a book of my very own stuff, but it’s always been prohibitively expensive. Now, for $9.99, you can have your very own iPhoto Booklet and eat your cake too.

I saw a news piece the other day on all the dot com’s. It was sort of interesting, because they said that a lot of the failed dot com’s are coming back, only with different management and on a scaled down size.

They used to have all these big plans, with all these big MBA types coming in, hiring more MBA types, spending huge budgets, plotting world domination and free pizza for the rest of the company on Friday afternoons. Now they are all just thinking about how to make a profit as quickly as possible, while still providing cool technology and filling a service need.

They don’t have dreams of growing a business into global domination, but they just want to carve out their own little corner of the universe.

Sort of like this little fellow, I suppose.

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