School Of Fish

SchoolOfFish, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Or, perhaps, I should call this the school of hard knocks. I’ve managed to break both flickr and blogger in the past two days. Maybe they are all just out on vacation fishing? Could be.

Well, yesterday, I had this really *great* super funny blog about how I followed this guy all the way to work (ok, maybe it wasn’t that funny) from my subdivision, all the while he had a newspaper stuck to the top of his trunk. It was pretty funny, actually, watching him dart and weave through traffic on Austin’s Palmer Road, all the time knowing that his daily news was stuck to the rear of his automobile. Kind of like watching somebody walk out of the ladies room in a bar with TP stuck to their shoe, only on a much grander scale.

(If you see a black Toyota Celica with a newspaper stuck to it’s hind quarters, do please email me all the gory details. I so need to know.)

I’m going to try to keep this short for today, since both flickr and blogger seem to have it out for me.

One last tidbit before I hit the trails (presumably without my very own daily news stuck to my hindquarters.) I spoke with Kanchan yesterday. She’s alive and well and living outside of Dallas (Plano, actually.) She had a daughter and seems quite happy. She looks really good from the pictures (URL) she sent me.

That’s just so not-fishy, it’s fantastic and, well, almost newsworthy.

Until next time…


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