Store No 2

StoreNo2, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Here’s another shot from the store I wasn’t supposed to take pictures of.

I don’t quite understand voodoo. It’s a little bit crazy and a little bit common sense. It’s fluffy (and upside down) crosses mixed with little dolls, yet it’s almost Christian in a lot of ways. It’s scary, yet it’s been around for ages, and is even an “old standby” for some folks. It’s familiar and exotic right at the same time, and in the same ways.

I think that, in some ways, you take better pictures of stuff that you don’t understand. There’s a quizical nature to photography-it’s almost as if, by shooting something, by taking its picture, you start to understand it-and all the world’s puzzles, myths, and mysteries unravel before your very eyes, simply because you pushed a shutter button. Sometimes I feel that way anyway.

I didn’t photograph tons of voodoo on my trip, but I enjoy looking at what I did shoot. It’s fun for me.

In a fluffy cross, upside down, little doll kind of way, that is.

Until next time…


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