Store No 1

StoreNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Today’s been a busy day. In between meetings, I’ve been kind of fending off trouble and holding down the fort. A lot of folks are starting to take off already for the long weekend and, those of us left, are starting to wish we had as well.

I’m down to 4 compact flash items. I was talking with somebody about this today and he said, “in the beginning, when I first started with digital, I used to think that burning CDs was fun. Now I think that it’s a chore.” I’m the same way. Gosh, I wish I had an assistant to do this type of work for me. Maybe someday, when I’m famous and I can just farm it out to some wannabe. Until then, I burn it myself and post the count up here for you to see.

Four! It’s kind of like playing golf, only even more boring.

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