Hat Shop At Night No 1

HatShopAtNightNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Yes, I know, it’s more New Orleans at night. But, what do you expect? I shot like 14 G of compact flash while I was there and it’s been 100 degrees since I got back. I’m not going out shooting in this heat.

I loved this hat shop. I photographed it a few times, in a few different ways. They just had some really pretty, white hats and some really odd looking manequins in the window, with killer eyeliner and all (think “racoon eyes” and you’re close.) It’s not as abstract as the rest of my work, but I kind of like it.

I’ve been on an abstract impressionistic kick as of late (in case you couldn’t tell.) Even some of the folks I work with have noticed it, from casually viewing flickr. Lately anyway, I’ve been using the lensbaby (and my eye, I guess-I always try to use that) in such a way that I’ve turned myself into more of a frustrated painted than a photographer. To say it simply, “everything’s blurry” in my little world these days.

When I was at the photoshop workshop last weekend, the instructor kept saying that, “there’s reality and then there’s photoshop.” I don’t even get anything resembling “reality” when I shoot, imagine what photoshop’ll do to it.

Flying pig anyone? (And something tells me that pig is going to have some bad ass “racoon eyes.”)

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