Blue Window No 1

BlueWindowNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

I feel like this guy-dead yet somehow still smoking.

I’m really tired today. I don’t know why, I got some sleep last night, but I’m really feeling under the weather. Maybe it’s just allergies. I’m having a coke to try to pick me up a bit.

One of the fellows I work with, Brian, (yes, it’s the same fellow who painted his finger nails a few weeks back-I hear he’s going for pink toes next) was kind of disappointed last Friday because I didn’t blog about him all that much. This blog’s for you, Brian. Now, go get your nails done. Again. (Please.)

The not-so-evil-baked-goods-people-who-also-drink-heavily-and-sometimes-write need to feed the bolting ladies some chocolate. It’s been a while. They are getting desperate.

Soon, we’ll ALL look like this guy (except for Brian, he’ll look like this guy with pink nails)

And that, my friends, won’t be too good, pink chocolate or not.

Until next time…


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