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This weekend, we went to the Mela Festival at the Indian Hindi temple in South Austin. I had samosas. I love samosas.

They had a liger there. He was kind of unusual looking, with a spotted tail and all. I wonder if he likes samosas. Probably so because, I believe, every living creature likes samosas (except for maybe peas because, well, they put those in samosas.)

On Saturday night, I went to my local HEB to get some groceries. I parked about 3 spaces down from the “cart return” thingie (you know what that is, it’s the place where you return your cart after you schlep your groceries back out to your car.) When I got out of the store, I found that somebody had dinged my car with a cart.

They left the cart in the front of my car, so I had to push that one and mine into the return area. Grrrr.

After my run in with the lazy people, who were too self-absorbed to push their cart all of 3 feet, I went home and read my ten thousand “enlarge your penis overnight emails” (while I was eating) and a bonus flame war online.

This got me to thinking. We should round up all the people who don’t return shopping carts but prefer to ding other people’s cars with them, who start flame wars, who initiate spam email, and the like, and kick them in the nuts or something.

I think they should take all the annoying people in the world and lock them up in a cage with ligers. They won’t get any samosas. We could become samosa natzi’s and feed them to the ligers.

We can give the ligers some extra samosas if they’re still hungry after eating all those annoying people but I think that they won’t be. There really are a lot of annoying people in the world.

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