Happy No Pants Day

Today, as it turns out, is actually a holiday. It’s no pants day.

Happy no pants day, y’all!

Tomorrow, we all have to wear shorts, I guess. Or maybe one of those bustiers like Madonna wears, you know, the one with the points? (Don’t wear that, please.)

And, in other news, it was so nice outside today that Steve and I decided we should go for lunch. It was a last minute spur of the moment thing. We went to Manuel’s, ate way too many flautas, and now I’m really sleepy.

I need some coke. So, I decided to ask my usual coke-splitting partner if she wanted to go half-sies but she’s out of the office this afternoon. So, here I sit, cokeless and wearing pants, all alone on no pants day. Sigh.

What is the world coming to?

Until next time…


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