Going Around in Circles

CircularStairNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

It’s Friday once again. As usual, I’m anticipating going out shooting this weekend. I think we’re going to go to the Barsanadham temple for the Indian festival which should be fun. Maybe I’ll get more bright colors and swirling people for you next week. This is one from the Palmer Auditorium shot a few weekends ago.

I’m very tired today because Charlie would not let me sleep last night. He kept getting me up, wanting me to feed him, and put him out at 3 am. It was driving me nuts. Finally, I just keeled over, I was so tired.

Actually, I may have passed out from the fumes-my car smells like cleaning fluids. I think it was so dirty they had to dip it in something to make it smell better. I’m getting a mental image of my car hanging from a derrick looming over a vat of some nasty smelling stuff.

The smell’s been driving me crazy. Lucky for me the weather’s been holding and it’s not too hot for me to drive with the windows open. If I get stuck in traffic or at a light, I may pass out from the noxious odor.

A friend at work asked to take a look at my Art Calendar so, the other day, I brought it in. Too bad I also happened to notice two impending deadlines. Yes, it’s true, there are a few folks in Pennsylvania looking for crap-on-a-stick (ahem, what you probably call “artwork”) so this means I have deadlines to work now.

I’m about to head to the post office to meet one today and I’ve started printing off stuff for a postmark deadline on the 15th. Wish me luck.

Getting rejected from a gallery is probably better than getting dipped in cleaning fluids while suspended from a derrick, don’t you think? (Can’t say that same about actually getting into one and being forced to go to the opening reception though, can we?)

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