ParrotHidingFace, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

I think the parrot got a little miffed at us all gathered around him. The guy holding the parrot drove a unicycle, played the accordian, and juggled, as well as serving as the local “parrot wrangler” (or whatever it is you call somebody who lends an arm to a fully colored feathered friend.) Talk about multi-tasking.

Speaking of multi-tasking, Steve and I went for lunch today at Fry’s. I got CompactFlash, toner, and paper for my printer, plus I also checked out the Palm Pilots. They are sort of dull. I’ve decided that I really don’t want one-I just need a really good calendar.

Although I do sort of like the Tungsten 5 with a hardshell case. At least I could stuff that into my bag and let it go off at misopportune times, like my cell phone. Maybe they’d mate and give me a baby ipod? Doubt it.

Still, here’s a parrot for you. He could whistle Dixie too.

Until next time…


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