The Sun Can Come Out Tomorrow

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Eeyore’s Birthday is a big party, located in a park in the center of Austin. Because of the size of it (thousands of people show up) and because it’s so crazy to park around there, they have shuttle busses to take people to the events.

So, Steve, Chricel and I get on the shuttle bus and we’re all confused because well busses don’t have seat belts. If you ever want to confuse a bunch of adults, start off by putting them on school busses.

At the show, they had a big drum circle. People come from all over Austin and surrounding locales to beat the crap out of unsuspecting instruments and make a big noise with their little sticks.

This shot was taken when we first got there. It was significantly less crowded, smelly, and there were far fewer sticks about which made for better shoting (but probably not good music.)

After the drum circle, which was loud, we went to the maypole, which was disappointing, and then we decided to go to the Pecan Street Arts Festival, where they had a petting zoo and the sun was horribly situated directly in our eyes. The crafts were wonderful but the sun was horrible.

On the way down, in the car, I had to listen to this oh so perky disc jockey telling me, “The Sun’s going to come out today! I can feel it!”


I’ve learned to HATE the sun, especially if you want to shoot. It’s even worse when it’s in your eyes.

I got the best shots of the day, by doing blurry people at the drum circle, in the shade, under a big oak tree.

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