The Best and Worst of It All

PaintedHorse, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Yesterday’s shooting involved going to Eeyore’s Birthday Bash and the Pecan Street Arts Festival.

For those of you who don’t know, Eeyore’s is a throwback from the 60’s. It’s an annual hippie-fest devoted to celebrating the birthday of Eeyore who just so happens to be the donkey from Whinney the Poo. Don’t ask me what this has to do with the 60’s and hippies and I won’t try to figure it out either.

I wanted to get lots of blurry pictures with people in them. I got exactly what I wanted. Whenever I think I’m getting what I want out of photograpy, I always try to turn it up a notch. Now I will have to climb a scaffolding, shoot a moving bullet, or do something hard enough that I won’t feel “good” anymore. If it isn’t a challenge, it starts to get a little dull.

I did get off one horrible shot yesterday. I was trying to take a picture of some kid by the maypole, holding a nice, pretty ribbon. Just as I snapped my shutter, this lady walked in front of me. I ended up getting a picture of her butt, because she was bending over to cross under the ribbon (it’s all part of the maypole deal-io) and her butt came out really BIG. It’s so big of a butt and so bad of an image it’s frightening. I’m tempted to tape it either to my fridge or to that evil baked goods cart. It would definately keep me away from those brownies.

Yesterday, I did 3 AUSTIN-y things. I:
* went to Eeyore’s
* went to the Pecan Street Arts Festival
* went to the new Whole Foods

You just can’t get any better than that, not butts about it.

Until next time…


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