The World’s Oldest Profession, Making Babies

BabyLlama, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

I went to the Texas Photographic Society’s push pin meeting last week. A funny thing happened there too.

One of the guys, while showing his work, introduced it by saying, “I took pictures of what it is that men really want.” I was expecting pictures of prostitutes. Instead, we got images of pancakes. Who knew that, all along, it was food, eh?

Speaking of prostitutes, I’ve drawn the conclusion that photography is a lot like prostitution. From the outside, to the uninformed and misguided, it looks like just a lot of complicated machinery that can easily confuse you. Once you know what it is you’re going to do with it, however, the true, ahem, “artist” really just knows how to shake it. It all boils down to the way the you use what equipment that you got. At their core, well, they are both exceptionally primitive.

Very true for photography as well as, well, you know.

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