KC and the Podling from Shanghai

PointedHatsAndFace, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

So, last week I ordered my podling and was all excited about it, until I noticed that it was slated to ship from Shanghai, CN (yes, you goobers, don’t google it, CN is, in fact, the FedEx/mail/UPS abbreviation for “China.” Read on.) I wanted it ASAP and figured, great, now it’ll be six months before it makes the trek across the ocean and makes it to my front door. Not so! Today, after only a 3 day journey (is that kind of like a “3 hour cruise” only longer?) it arrived. I answered the front door for the FedEx dude while I was wearing a bathrobe but I DON”T CARE because he handed me a new podling and he was kind of cute anyway.

I guess it’s a little known (or maybe not) secret that Austin has a disco station. Today, on the way to work, in the car on the radio, I heard, “Do a little dance/make a little love/get down tonight/get down tonight”

Don’t worry KC, you may have lost your Sunshine Band back in the 70’s but I do plan on “getting down tonight” thanks to the cute little podling from Shanghai and the cute FedEx dude who handed it to me.

Does this thing play Yannni? I’m tired and sweaty from all that disco music.

Until next time…


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